World Select Concept

In Artwork by Connor VanDyke

When we set out to find a way to have the player move between the different worlds/aesthetics in the game, we wanted to find a way to incorporate a BiT of nostalgia into the system. After some discussion, we came up with this concept:

World Select Concept

Our original concept for the world select screen.

As you can see in the photo, we set up the world select screen so that it shows a cartridge for each of the systems that we are using as inspiration. The players are then able to select the cartridge, and see it load itself into its respective system and load up the new world. We had a ton of fun with the concept, and we hope that it will be something that everyone will enjoy seeing in the full release.

(Bonus points to those of you who can name the original games that each of the cover arts draw inspiration from)