Updating Backgrounds

In Artwork by Connor VanDyke

In the development blog post on Monday, I mentioned that we were updating the backgrounds for the Gameboy-inspired worlds, so today, I figured I would show off a little of the progress that has been made!

Old Mountain Background


Mountain Background


When we set out to rework some of the backgrounds we wanted to do a few things. First, we wanted to make sure that the backgrounds were tilable horizontally so that we could repeat them if needed to. Second, we wanted to make them fill the entirety of the 272 pixel height that we have on screen at any given time in the Gameboy-inspired world (don’t worry, the game is still in 1080p). Third, we wanted to make the backgrounds be something that players would enjoy looking at, not just be something that is there. I think we have accomplished that with the new improvements, but I would love to hear your thoughts as well! Leave a comment here or tweet us @bitevogame if there is any feedback you have for us!