New Image of the Patch 0.3.0

Upcoming Patch 0.3 Preview

In Game News by Connor VanDyke

The team is just putting the finishing touches on another smaller patch for the title that will be released this week. This patch includes a few small changes. The first of these is the inclusion of more decal objects in the NES-inspired world. These objects do not add anything to the title’s gameplay, but instead improve the visual quality of the world. Some of them might go a little outside of the normal boundaries of the era we are taking inspiration from, but we believe that the players will appreciate the changes.

Those decal objects are very important for bringing the game to life, for several reasons. The first one would be the ability for the player and designers to differentiate parts of the level that are indoors. Other reasons include clues for locating pixels, enemy path, as well as improving the aesthetics of the game as a whole.

Additions to the new Patch

The lollipops in the wind levels were an example of these decal objects.

Changes from the Patch

The other major changes introduced in this patch are bug related. Our awesome community pointed out a number of bugs in the title, and we have resolved almost all of them already! If you had a problem in the last version of the game, go back and see if it has been resolved once the patch drops. If not, let us know and we will continue to work our hardest to resolve all issues brought to our attention.

If you are interested in seeing what has been updated in this patch in more detail, just go to BiT Evolution’s page on Steam and find the ‘Recent Updates’ sector on your dashboard. After that, you just have to click on ‘Patch Notes 0.3.0’ and there it will be.

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