Development Team

Connor VanDyke
Connor VanDyke | Project Lead

Team lead and producer. Likes to make puns using the word BiT, but it gets a BiT excessive sometimes. (See what I did there?)

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Choong Han Lim
Choong Han Lim | Programmer

Jobs consist of programming, more programming, and getting mad at Connor for making him program.

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Gabe Orlandelli
Gabe Orlandelli | Designer

What is there to say about Gabe? He is the Brazilian Jesus. That is what there is to say about Gabe.

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Tremaine Williams
Tremaine Williams | Designer

Is secretly Batman. Also hates the word “moist”. Guess what word we now use frequently at the office?

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Youssef Ezzeldin
Youssef Ezzeldin | Designer

Doesn’t like spicy food. Guess what we now frequently order? (Starting to see the pattern here?)

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Art Team  

Arianna Edwards
Arianna Edwards | Artist

Has graced the world with that which is Tobias BiT. (If you ask nicely we might show it to you someday)

Eric Poslinski
Eric Poslinski | Artist

He wears goggles (like all the time) and arts pixels. Also an architecture student (Will someday make a pixel building)

Kristina Chouri
Kristina Chouri | Artist

Has an obsession with Zooey Deshanel ‘seyes and bangs. Also might be a ninja. (And right behind you!!!)

Noah Thomas Buick
Noah Thomas Buick | Artist

Always wears pants to work, and has a fabulous mustache. Also thinks you look great in that outfit. Way to go you!

Dux | Artist

Not much is known about the mysterious Dux. Historians are still trying to interpret the meanings behind their Instagram photos.

Sound Team  

Coming Soon