SNES-Inspired Development Kicks Off

In Game News by Connor VanDyke

With the NES-Inspired levels now online and available, our team is now turning our eyes to the final world of BiT Evolution. This final world will be inspired by games of the SNES era in both design and artistic style. We plan to push pixel art to it’s limits in this coming world and really create a world that is the cultivation of all of our efforts so far.

SNES Jungle Concept

Concept art for the SNES-Inspired jungle level.

While we have more to do on this world than we had on any world prior, we plan to release this world in less time than we have on any prior world. Our team is at top efficiency now and we are all familiar with our roles and how best to do things. We hope that everyone will follow along as development on this new world continues, and will continue to support the production of the game.