Patch Notes – 0.2.1

In Patch Notes by Connor VanDyke

New Features

  • Cutscenes have been added to the game’s second world.


  • Fullscreen in option menu will now reflect the right option if fullscreen mode was changed via option or hotkey.
  • Fixed a number of SFX issues.
  • Added enter key functionality to main menu and pause menu.
  • Shows BiT(s) from only the unlocked world(s) on title screen.
  • BiTs will now be racing each other on main menu.
  • Escape now cancels out of menus.

World Selection

  • Added animation to selection arrow.
  • Now displays world name and pixel information.

Temple Quest (World 1)

  • Fixed several bugs that could occur with the boss.
  • Hit boxes on some enemies have been adjusted.
  • Improved behavior of small glitches when directly above or below BiT.

Monokrom (World 2)

  • Completing all levels currently available will show a speech bubble in the overworld saying “Boss Level Coming Soon”.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a number of people to experience lag in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where the platform artwork was being stretched.