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New BiT Artwork for SNES-Inspired World

In Artwork by Connor VanDyke

We are now moving on to our final world for BiT Evolution! We  have spent a number of long hours deciding on what type of new BiT artwork would best suit this new environment. In this world, we wanted the game to feel more mature. We want to cater to the players who remember the console generations that inspired us during the creation of the game. We also wanted this new BiT artwork to help BiT lose his cutesy feel. We wanted him to look like someone that could defend himself as well as others. From these ideas, we came up with this:

New BiT Artwork: The BiTinator


New BiT Artwork – Take 2

After talking with our lawyers, they felt like his character bore resemblance to another character in pop-culture.  They strongly suggested that we did not use this look. We couldn’t see the similarities ourselves. This meant that we had to go back to the drawing board with BiT’s design. We then took a look at some characters of the past like: Sonic the Hedgehog. We saw that players often liked a more rebellious main character in their games. So, we did a full 180 and decided that the older audience would already have an appreciation for our title. We then decided that we should  cater to a younger audience. After a number of new prototypes, we came up with this:

New BiT Artwork: Punk BiT

New BiT Artwork – Take 3

Everybody on the team immediately fell in love with this new design! We used it for a long time in our prototypes. However, we brought in a focus group to test the game and they did not think as highly of the design. Some even commented that it made them, “heavily depressed.” The team was reluctant to make any further changes to the design, but the player has to come first. We spent well over one-hundred hours re-iterating on the look. By taking feedback from all of the users along the way, we finally came up with a final design that will be included in the game. To see what we finally decided on for BiT’s look,


We hope everybody likes the design we have decided on. We look forward to the implications this design will have on gameplay. Let us know what you think in the comments on our social media pages!

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