NES-Inspired World Power-Ups

In Game News by Connor VanDyke

Hey everyone! So we are a little over a week away from the launch of the NES-Inspired world! One of the biggest new additions to this world is the inclusion of power-ups that BiT can collect in order to gain new abilities temporarily. Today I would like to share what each of these power-ups are, and how they will function within the game.

Wing Suit

BiT Wing Suit

Inspired a BiT by PiT

The first of these power-ups is the wing suit. This suit allows for BiT to glide short distances, allowing him to reach locations that were too far away for him to jump to regularly. This suit is especially useful in the world’s wind levels.

Warrior Suit

Warrior BiT

Uh-oh, he looks a BiT angry!

Sick of enemies being in your way? The Warrior suit allows you to hack your way through a level with a sword. In addition to making the enemy population decrease, the warrior suit can be used to cut down some objects in your way, giving you access to previously hidden areas of the level. (Pixels anyone?)

Armadillo Suit

Armadillo Suit

No animals were harmed in the making of this suit.

The armadillo suit, besides looking adorable, allows BiT to curl up into a ball, protecting him from damage. This comes at a cost though, as BiT is unable to jump while in his ball form. The ball BiT rolls up into also has the added feature of making BiT smaller than he normally is, allowing him to roll into previously inaccessible areas.

In addition to these, there is also an invincibility power-up that allows BiT to not take any damage for a short period of time. So what does everyone think? We are quite proud of the diversity we have put into these suits, and look forward to seeing how the players respond to them in game next Tuesday!