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In Game News by Connor VanDyke

With BiT Evolution now being live on Steam Early Access, a whole new world of marketing related tasks have begun to occupy our time! We are currently in the process of reaching out to bloggers and streamers to create new avenues to show our game off to the public. Yesterday BroWithTheFro did an excellent stream of our game. It was great to see someone enjoy the title and to hear what they had to say about things. We hope that he will just be the first of many upcoming streams and reviews of the title, so keep your eyes open on the web for new content in this next week.

Bro With The Fro

BroWithTheFro enjoying his playthrough of BiT Evolution

In addition, Major Games is going to be starting it’s own streaming page tonight! We will be setting up and doing a developer stream of the title, so keep your eyes on our social media pages to watch it live!