Level Design Modification

In Game News by Connor VanDyke

With Early Access approaching quickly, we have been having a number of individuals test the game in the last few weeks. While doing this, we have been focusing not only on improving the game’s stability, but the game’s level design as well.

In the game’s second world, we discovered that the addition of vertical screen movement in our level designs tended to hinder the overall designs of a number of our levels. The added space tended to leave too many areas where the player is not actively engaged, but instead simply traveling from place to place.

Level Design Work

Part of the first plains level in the Gameboy-inspired world.

These types of issues are incredibly easy to overlook while designing a game, and we are glad that we were able to catch it in time to make some modifications before releasing it to the public. Moving forward, these are the kind of things that we are hoping to help catch using the Early Access program. Steam has a wonderful community, and we hope to involve them as much as possible in the development of our game, creating an end product that is truly enjoyable.