Last World Sneak-Preview

Last World (SNES-inspired) Coming Along Well!

In Game News by Connor VanDyke

Last World, but not least.

Today we decided we would post a quick update on our progress in the Last World (SNES-Inspired). We are currently making great strides in development, and the base mechanics as well as a majority of enemies are fully coded into the game. We are now taking some time to implement more artwork into the playable build and polish it up while the levels are being put together.

Last World (SNES-inspired) Prototyping

As you can see, lots of placeholder artwork for the Last World!

Future Thoughts

Even though we started working on the levels, there is still a lot to be figured out. The biggest one would probably be the Boss fight, as we need to figure out how we would like this fight to be, while keeping in mind the previous Boss battles. Our goal is to do something unique on each of them. Also, we need to consider the abilities our character will have on this Last World (already established) and make sure that they are being used on this Boss Battle. By using this process, the player will feel rewarded from using those skills because during the fight they will feel as if the levels played on the Last World could be considered as “training” for defeating the boss.

Other than the boss, there’s still more to think about. One of them is the addition of slopes, and its restrictions when placing them on the levels. Another is having the momentum feature, and fine tuning it.

We are hoping to have this new world available to players by the end of next week, so keep your eyes on the site for more up-to-date information!

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