Gameplay Trailer (NES-Inspired)

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On March 17th, 2015 we uploaded a new Gameplay Trailer to our YouTube account showing off the new NES-inspired world. In the NES-inspired world, BiT is suited up with a fresh new suit which allows him to pick up power-ups. These power-ups can help through the journey and take BiT through unexplored areas with style.

Power-Ups in the Gameplay Trailer

A unique power-up item we have for BiT is the Armadillo Suit, which is placed in selected levels. With the Armadillo Suit BiT is able to transform in a ball and roll on the ground at a higher speed, while clearing most enemies in his path, as seen in the Gameplay Trailer. The Armadillo suit brings BiT more mobility and a little “BiT” more freedom, however one should keep an eye out for cliffs because BiT will need his legs to make a decent jump.

Armadillo Suit, Gameplay Trailer

“…to be a Rock and not Roll…” – LZ

BiT will be facing new enemies and will maneuver through obstacles in both the Rendered World and the Realm of Code. A few new locations have been introduced in the NES-Inspired world, among them are the Honey levels. These levels pay great homage to one of our favorite titles “Donkey Kong Country”. Another area located in the NES-Inspired world is the Wind levels, where BiT has the option of using the “Wing Suit” to complete each level. Some glimpses can be seen in the Gameplay Trailer above.

BiT Wing Suit, Gameplay Trailer

“ like an eagle” – Steve Miller

BiT has ventured into a new world and is ready to face the challenges that come his way to keep on moving forward and ultimately, evolving!

Check out the NES-Inspired Gameplay Trailer and let us know what you think!

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