Gameboy-Inspired World in FULL Development!

In Game News by Tremaine Williams

GameBoy Level

Now that we have the Atari-inspired World complete, with a few minor tweaks to make (Thank you Indienomicon play-testers!), we are now in full development with the GameBoy-inspired World. Prior to now, we have been diligently working to ensure that World-1 was an enjoyable experience. We are now ready to do the same for World-2. We completed the documentation for the Gameboy-inspired World months ago. Now we are watching it come to life, and let us tell you, it is going to be AWESOME! We have shown you how BiT looks when he evolves into the black and white world, but wait until you see how the world around him has changed. We have updated both the Rendered World and the Realm of Code a BiT and there are new enemies in new locations that are waiting to be discovered. Which makes us wonder, who will be help our hero as he starts his journey through this new wonderful world?  Stay tuned to find out.

Catcha’ later!!