Development Blog 9: Schedule Changes

In Development Blog by Connor VanDyke

Happy Monday everyone! So we have been receiving a lot of questions about when the boss for the Gameboy-inspired world and the NES-inspired world will be released. As many of you may remember, our original goal for the Gameboy-inspired boss was to have it released last week. Obviously that didn’t happen. There are a number of reasons for this. The primary reason is that this boss is much more complicated than the last one was. It is a four stage fight with procedurally generated animations and features a number of attacks that needed to be made from scratch. Because we only have one coder on the project right now, this is a huge undertaking that will take around one week of dedicated work to complete.


A glimpse of the Gameboy-inspired world’s boss: “Snakespeare”

This would not be a problem, except for the fact that we also have a number of enemies in the NES-inspired world that need to be finished before levels can begin being tested. As a team we decided that we need to complete these first, and allow the boss to be worked on while the levels are being designed and tested. So we have re-arranged our schedule to fit this change. The schedule is now as follows:

  • Gameboy-inspired boss: March 2nd
  • NES-inspired world: March 9th
  • NES-inspired cutscenes: March 16th
  • NES-inspired boss: March 23rd
  • SNES-inspired world: April 13th

We reserve the right to make changes to these dates, as things can change, and if any features are added or cut we will need to push things forward or backwards to adjust accordingly. One of the reasons we chose to work independent of any large publishers is so that we have the freedom to push dates around to make sure that the game is everything we want it to be.

Honey World Concept

A quick peek at the Honey level artwork from the NES-inspired world.

That’s everything we have to share for today, but keep an eye on our social media and blog for more up-to-date news about the title as it develops!