Development Blog 6: Early Access

In Development Blog by Connor VanDyke

Happy launch week everyone! The BiT Evolution team has been working 14 hour days over the weekend to make sure that the game is ready for you all to play!

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The design team has made another pass at all of the levels in world 2, and has made them all more streamlined, more challenging, and most importantly, more fun! There were a number of issues that were brought about with the added verticality of the stages in world 2 that were also addressed. Players should have a much easier time navigating the stages now, and have to spend less time exploring to find all of the pixels.

GameBoy Level

We also squashed a large number of bugs over the weekend. We doubt we have caught all of them yet, but we have resolved enough that most players should experience a bug-free playthrough on Early Access. If you do encounter a bug, let us know and we will work to fix it right away.

With the game submitted to Steam for final review, we should still be on track for a Tuesday release, so keep your eyes on the site and we will let you know the moment it is available!