Development Blog 8: Design and Cutscenes

In Development Blog by Connor VanDyke

Happy Monday everyone! It has been a busy week for everyone on the BiT Evolution team! While finalizing a number of enemies for our next world, we started to realize that the way we designed all of the enemies when we started putting the game together has become outdated with all of the new changes to the game. We have learned a lot during the development process on what types of enemies are fun, and which ones are not. Unfortunately we had a lot of enemies planned that we thought were leaning more towards the boring end of things.

World 2 RoC Enemies

Both of these enemies were added late in the development of world 2 to add more variety to the gameplay.

This does mean that we have more work to do before the next world is ready, but our team is ready to work as hard as possible to get the next world to you in some form by the end of the month. We want to make a game that we want to play as well, so if we have to work harder to improve it to the state we want it to be in, we will.

In other news we are releasing our first patch to the game on Steam tomorrow! Full patch notes will be posted upon release, but the most noteworthy feature is the addition of the cutscenes for the second world.

Gameboy Cutscene

A screenshot of a cutscene in the Gameboy-inspired world.

These cutscenes have added a lot of depth to the levels they have been included in, and we look forward to seeing what everybody thinks of them!

Well, that’s it for this week’s development blog. Keep an eye out for the patch tomorrow, and as usual, contact us if you have any comments or feedback about the game!