Development Blog 4: Early Access

In Development Blog by Connor VanDyke

Today we are happy to announce that we plan to bring BiT Evolution to Steam Early Access in the next month. What does this mean to you? It means that you will be able to play the game sooner, at a reduced price, and help us to develop a better game by providing us with feedback as we continue development.

Early Access Facebook Banner

BiT Evolution EA Prices

The Early Access version of the game will launch with the Pong-inspired intro to the game, the Atari-inspired world, and the Gameboy-inspired world. In addition, until the NES-inspired and SNES-inspired world are added to the game, we will be offering the game at a reduced price.

Best of all, if you purchase the game at this reduced price, all updates to the game until the title’s full release will be free.

We are excited to finally unleash this title to the world and see what people’s thoughts are about it. Look forward to more information and a solid release date in the coming weeks.