Aquaman Playing BiT

Young Gamers Welcome

In Game News by Tremaine Williams

Alec Delt Jones aka Young Aquaman playing the first level in BiT Evolution

Alec Delt Jones aka Aquaman playing the first level in BiT Evolution

MegaCon has been over for about a week and the Team has been hard at work preparing for the next update to BiT Evolution. During MegaCon however, we had a special guest drop by the Major Games booth to play BiT Evolution. This guest was none other than Aquaman! That’s right, the King of the Sea himself came by to play our game and we were so honored. A young Alec Delit Jones and his mother came by on Saturday afternoon and Alec jumped out of his stroller to take on the challenge of BiT. We have never had anyone so young test our game in front of our eyes, so it was interesting to see how our little 3-and-a-half-year-old  Aquaman would fare. “He loves video games! Just give him the controller, tell him what to press and he’ll figure it out from there,”  said Tiffany Delit, Alec’s mother.

Engagement of Young Gamers

Alec seemed to really be engaged in the game and would cheer whenever he made it through a portal. It was great seeing that our game, even though very retro, can still appeal to such a young and new generation of gamers. This only helps build our confidence in the title and drive us to work even harder on making it the best game it can be. So thank you Alec for playing and for your enthusiasm! We hope that you and your parents will play again in the future. Continue to be the superhero that you are!

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